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Key Takeaways: Scaling Green - Navigating Growth as a Greentech scaleup

Key Takeaways: Scaling Green

On Wednesday at our Spinks Head Office in London, we were excited to bring together some of the top leaders in the green tech space and host an insightful roundtable discussing the major challenges and opportunities scale-ups face when navigating growth in the industry.  


Scaling Green: Navigating Growth as a Greentech scaleup

Throughout the session, leaders around the room shared their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of scaling their businesses and developing green technologies in the UK and abroad.

Having discussed at length the target for achieving the net zero emissions goal by 2050, leaders around the room agreed that innovation holds the key to the future of sustainability; with new technologies and emerging green businesses being at the forefront of growth and advancement.

Also just as vital is collaboration; with leaders discussing the importance of all stakeholders collaborating effectively to create a conducive environment for green tech adoption and export; including customers, investors, regulators, trade bodies and scale-ups themselves.

Throughout the discussion, we talked about some of the major challenges and barriers facing green tech scaleups, including government funding, dealing with slow and complex processes, finding the right customers and investors and competing with established players already in the market. Some leaders also shared some of their experiences and insights on how to overcome these obstacles, from flexibility, creativity and patience, to focusing on becoming a customer-led business.

Another common theme that came up throughout the roundtable was around how the government can support new and existing technologies through funding, policy, and regulation.

Additionally, leaders spoke about the importance of the government providing more clarity and consistency on its net zero strategy and targets and increasing its engagement and communication with the green tech sector to improve the funding process.

Discussions around the importance of understanding that most green tech startups have different growth needs at each phase; and focusing on building a strong value proposition, demonstrating their product impact and scalability, leveraging their networks and communities and supportive policy process from the government is a great place to start.


Key Event Details

As the demand for sustainable solutions continues to rise, and we look towards achieving a collective Net Zero, scaling up in the Greentech sector presents both unique challenges and unparalleled opportunities.

Date: 5th June
Time: 6pm - 9pm
Location: Spinks, LDN:W, 3 Noble Street

Event Highlights:

  • Expert Insights: Valuable insights from industry experts who have already successfully navigated the complexities of scaling in the Greentech market.
  • Open Roundtable Discussion: Lively conversations and ideas with fellow professionals, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders.
  • Networking: Network expansion and meaningful connections with like-minded individuals passionate about sustainability and technology.
  • Food and Drinks: Complimentary refreshments throughout the evening.

Key Speaker

As Lead Commercial Advisor to the Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero, George advises the Secretary of State on all major departmental decisions which relate to private sector finance or investment.

The department (DESNZ) is responsible for: maintaining the country’s energy supply; keeping the country on track to meet Net Zero by 2050 and ensuring that the country seizes the economic opportunities of Net zQero to lead the world in green industries. 

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