Contractor recruitment.

Sourcing exceptional contracted talent.

Whether you're an established business or looking to scale-up in the near future, flexibility and reliability are crucial on your journey.

Contractors offer you the ability to get key talent through the door, up to speed and to start producing results incredibly quickly.


Why choose Spinks?


We have access

to the very best



We hire at speed

to ensure you hit your

growth objectives


We ensure all new

hires fit your

company culture


We provide expert

talent as and

when you need it

Here at Spinks, we have over 30+ years of experience in placing contractors across the globe. Our networks are unrivalled, meaning we can draw upon key skills quickly to meet your needs.

Our end-to-end contract services management saves you time and money. Essentially, we manage everything, from onboarding, compliance and payroll so you don't have to.

Our dedicated contractor team really are experts. Specialising in tech verticals, they excel in finding you the best skills the market has to offer.

Contractors: your ingredient for growth

Speed and flexibility is key when it comes to getting contractors on board. We know just how important it is to find you exceptional talent that can get up to speed and start delivering results quickly. 

And we also know that things change. Should one of your projects start to overrun - and you need to get the job done quickly - we work with you to deploy a contractor from our talent network at speed and ensure you benefit from their experience and skillset and get the project over the line.

Likewise, if you don't have the skills internally to deliver on a key business goal, we can provide you with contingent resource to get it done.

Contractors work on a time and materials basis; this means you’ll know exactly how much someone will cost for the duration, unsurprisingly (but helpfully) this makes forecasting and cash flow much easier to manage.

Perhaps you’ve grown rather accustomed to your contractor and it’s mutual... again, no problem. It’s not uncommon for contractors to become permanent members of staff after the project is complete. 

Either short term or long term - contractors can be options for both.

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We’re proud to work with some of the world's most innovative companies.

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