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3 Step Guide to Knowing When to Hire a Contractor

As you know, scaling a business can be an expensive and time-consuming process with constant hiring and firing. By getting someone who is a market specialist, flexible, and uses their most efficient short-term solutions, contractors can solve those problems completely.

If you are having trouble deciding whether you should hire a permanent member of staff or a contractor, to make that decision easier, here are three key reasons to consider hiring a contractor: 

1.Time On time-sensitive projects, contractors can start on short notice. In start-ups, most projects are conscious of time, so hiring a contractor who can get things moving as quickly and efficiently as possible will save you time and money.

2.Market experts for Projects Contractors are experts in what they do, so they are valuable for one-off projects. They will have worked on a variety of requirements, which makes the scope of knowledge obtained in a contractor's world more versatile than a permanent employee. They can not only adapt to changing work environments and provide quick turnaround times, but they can also implement disruptive technologies to increase efficiencies against your current process.

3.Different perspective Contractors have exposure to a variety of different projects, leading to why their knowledge is quite diverse (compared to a typical permanent employee). However, it is not just about their extensive knowledge, they can provide an external perspective compared to the rest of the team. An unbiased opinion from a contractor could help you spot opportunities for improvement. 


Next steps

In general, you need to consider your hiring goals and decide whether a contractor is the best option for your company. Perhaps hiring a freelancer, permanent, or temporary employee would be a great first step for your start-up. You know your business best, so get the best for your current needs.

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