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Nash Squared DLR Pulse Survey


Download our DLR Pulse Survey which discusses the current trends of digital leaders.


Insights from the most recent Nash Squared Pulse Survey

What's on the mind of digital leaders right now?

  • Budget Sentiment
  • Board Priorities
  • GenAI
  • Hybrid Working


A message from Bev White, CEO, Nash Squared:

"This Pulse Survey paints a picture of great change, often in difficult circumstances. But it also paints a picture of opportunity, new technologies and new markets to pursue. For the digital leader, the next 12 months presents a unique opportunity to increase impact in their organisation. Few roles touch so many important moving parts. We have said this before on Digital Leadership Reports, but it doesn’t make it less true: it has never been a more exciting time to be a digital leader. Our next Digital Leadership Report will be published in early 2025.”


Six things you need to know:

Investment remains strong despite economic challenge

Despite the unpredictable global economy, investment in technology remains robust. Over the next year, more than 40% of organisations expect to increase their technology budgets, while one-third plan to increase their technology headcount. For those organisations facing economic challenges, there is hope that things will improve within the next 6-9 months.


Efficiency is a high priority

Digital leaders are focused on improving operational efficiency through the use of automation, AI, and better data management; which is consistent with previous economic downturns which we've tracked with our DLR. However, 30% of organisations still see revenue generation as their top priority for technology, with boards looking for technology to improve both their top and bottom lines.


Widespread adoption of GenAI

Nearly 75% of organisations have implemented GenAI to some extent, with 20% having deployed it enterprise-wide. This rapid adoption is likely to continue, facilitated by the ease and low cost of implementation. Organisations are also implementing stronger governance measures, though confidence in their effectiveness is low.


The business case for GenAI is still being developed

While the deployment of GenAI has been rapid, its impact has been mixed. Over half of organisations feel that a lack of a clear business case is holding them back, while others are concerned about misuse of the technology. Of those that have deployed GenAI, one-quarter report little or no impact on their organisation. The majority of GenAI use has been for personal productivity, though some more transformational use cases are emerging.


The rise of the Chief AI Officer

For most organisations, the AI strategy is the responsibility of the technology leader, typically the CIO or CTO. However, some organisations have created a new role, the Chief AI Officer (CAIO), to oversee their AI strategy. One in twenty organizations have a CAIO, and a similar proportion expect to appoint one in the future. Over time, we can expect that one in ten organisations will have a CAIO in place.


Is hybrid working here to stay?

Since our last report in late 2023, one in six organisations have increased the number of days employees are expected to be in the office, from 2-3 days to 3 days per week. This change has been well-received, with four in ten organisations reporting that it is working extremely well. However, there are potential drawbacks to this shift. More days in the office can make an organisation less attractive to potential hires, particularly those with caregiving responsibilities. 


About this report

The Digital Leadership Report Pulse Survey was created to provide a mid-year update to our annual Digital Leadership Report (DLR) which was last published in November 2023.

The Pulse Survey was undertaken in May 2024 and captures the views of 322 digital leaders on key factors that may have changed in the last six months.

Most had taken part in our annual DLR, allowing us to supplement the data of this shorter Pulse Survey with a more extended data set (2,104 responses).

The average technology budget was US$5-$10million. Responses came from 24 countries and job roles included: CIO / CTO / Director 53%, Head of tech / digital 20%, Technology practitioner 19%,  CEO/MD 7%.

Our next annual Digital Leadership Report will be published in February 2025.

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