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Nash Squared, including all Nash Squared subsidiary companies together, (which includes NashTech, Harvey Nash, Flexhuis, Spinks (We Are Spinks), Crimson, Talent-IT, Team4Talent, Talent2Test, Pro-Cured, eMenKa NV), referred to here as ‘Nash Squared’ is a leading global recruitment consultancy and outsourcing company working on an annual basis with thousands of candidates and clients worldwide.

This website offers you a platform to upload your CV and other personal data to improve your user experience, and to use functions such as job alerts, CV registration and job applications. You are responsible for the accuracy of the personal data inputted. If you use functions on the website which access data from external sources, such as LinkedIn, please be aware that the website will access your personal data from these sources.

Our reputation as a recruiter is reliant on the trust of people we work with, and consequently the effective and professional use of the information you provide us is paramount.

Your privacy is important to us, and we are committed to protecting and safeguarding your data privacy rights.

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