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Sourcing a top CTO for Vu.City

The Challenge

VU.CITY tasked us with identifying a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) capable of navigating the dynamic landscape of a startup environment.

They needed an individual not only comfortable with chaos but who thrives in it. The ideal candidate had to be more than just a technical expert; they needed to be an advocate for team cohesion, instilling a sense of unity and purpose within the technology team.

Furthermore, it was crucial to find someone who passionately believed in the VU.CITY vision and could seamlessly spread this throughout the organisation. They emphasised the need for a leader with gravitas, someone whose presence would command respect and inspire confidence.

The role would need a CTO capable of restructuring the technology strategy to align seamlessly with the company's evolving business objectives.

VU.CITY sought not just a leader but a visionary, someone who could offer innovative perspectives and steer the company towards new horizons. 


Our Solution

Our experienced research team implemented a two-pronged strategy, which consisted of market mapping with analysis, paired with strategic headhunting and proactively sourcing individuals through our extensive network.

By utilising an agile process, the team provided VU.CITY with weekly updates of candidate benchmarking and valuable insights into market dynamics.


Key Results

In-depth screening interviews ensured an objective evaluation of candidates which translated to a strong shortlist of 6 with detailed candidate reports, resulting in a 100% shortlist to interview rate.

The entire search process was successfully concluded within a 6-week timeframe, reflecting a 40% reduction in the anticipated timeline.

The outcome of this search resulted in placing a highly successful CTO that aligned with VU.CITY’s core values and significantly contributed to the strength of VU.CITY's leadership team, which demonstrates our commitment to delivering successful outcomes with precision and efficiency.  


Key Data

  • The project ran over six weeks, between mid June and the end of July 2023.
  • We screened 24 potential candidates.
  • We interviewed 10 candidates, which was cut down to a shortlist of six who went through to a first interview with VU.CITY.
  • Three candidates then progressed onto the second interview stage, and two in the final third interview stage before a candidate was chosen for the position.

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