Featured client: DRPG Digital

Scaling a team and delivering the best service to your clients

Featured client: DRPG Digital

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About the Client

We are DRPG, a creative communications group based just outside of Kidderminster. Jack Capel has been working with our digital team recently to help us find new team members in the Midlands. DRPG Digital develop websites and mobile applications for businesses who want to improve communication with internal audiences, or with their customers. We have a rapidly growing digital team of over 60 and are always on the lookout for new talent. We met Jack at a developer meetup in Birmingham and started talking to him about the challenges we face in when recruiting, he was happy to offer advice and we started working together immediately.

The context and challenge

We had experimented with other agencies but had no success for various reasons, mainly we found it challenging to find the calibre of people at the speed we wanted them.

Being based outside of the city centre in Kidderminster we are working with a limited pool of talent. It’s also a little difficult to get to DRPG meaning that most of our team members need to be able to drive. Combining these challenges with the ever-growing skills gap in the technology sector has made it incredibly difficult to find the fantastic people we need to grow our business.

A collaborative solution

Jack came across to DRPG and spent some time getting a real understanding of our business. We worked together to create a profile of the type person we wanted to join our team and kept this up to date as we learnt more about the type of candidates available to us. We were recruiting for lots of roles so Jack made sure we were kept up to date with the progress of all our interviews and he let us know when anything was required from us.

Jack has been spending more time with us lately and have started to partner with Spinks on other projects as well – for example we now run our own developer meet up at DRPG which has been sponsored by Spinks.

The result

Over the last year we converted 10 roles through working with Spinks. This has enabled us to continually scale our team in the Midlands and deliver the best service to our clients. It reduces our need to outsource work, so that we can be more efficient with time without sacrificing quality.

"What we have is a trusted partner, someone we can call on when we need some help or advice, who understands the finer points of our business and how we need to work."

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