Ella Willingson

Technology Consultant

As a Tech Consultant at Spinks, I have had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of roles from Junior Developers to Tech Lead positions, from DevOps to Full Stack .NET, all for budding or well-known scale-up clients. While I started out specialising  in the JavaScript ecosystem, I quickly branched out across the full SDLC and have recently been occupying the OOP desk.

I sit in the London Tech Perm Team, but I have had the pleasure of placing several contractors in the Data Engineering and PowerBI space, as well as Product Owners. As you may have guessed, I am driven by the challenge and intrigue that ensues from learning new domains, which is how I’ve found myself navigating several tech verticals. Nonetheless, in the future I’m eager to hone in on the OOP vertical even further, with the FinTech market being my sectoral area of expertise.

Before Spinks I lived in Barcelona, working in Events Management, I studied at The University of Bath, and volunteered in Mexico!

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