Dillon Southgate

Senior Consultant

My role at Spinks is to have sole focus on Business Development within Backend Development.

Speaking with new and existing clients to fulfill their recruitment and business needs.

My main speciality is “Doing Bits with Drupal” A Backend CMS. This is a market which is driven by developers, who are a pleasure to engage with. Drupal has been a CMS which has been in Tech for a while and is something which is fuelled by great meetups and events.

"As a contractor with 20 years of freelancing and contract experience, I've worked with countless recruitment agents, most of them are the same, not Dillon. Dillon is a rare breed, an ally.

Dillon has always gone the extra mile, lining up terrific projects and proactively placing me with clients and getting everything tied up well ahead of contract end dates ensuring I have never been out of a contract (I've never even really had to look for any contracts, Dillon keeps coming through).

With many recruiters, contractors often feel like they are just inventory. With Dillon, it feels like a team effort."

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