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Spinks engages tech and digital communities across the technology landscape on a daily basis. Our events play a huge part in our community-driven approach, and allow people from across the industry to connect, interact and boost their career. 

Events – Staying connected. Now, more than ever, it is important to stay connected to our networks and communities...So we aren’t postponing or cancelling anything. We will be using the awesome tech available to us and going online. We are keeping a really close eye on the current situation and following official guidance. The health and safety of our event partners, speakers and attendees is, as always, our priority and we are looking at the tech available to us to take our events and meetups online. Please keep the dates saved and continue to sign up as usual. We will reach out with an update asap.   


We believe in the power of Community.

In 2011 Spinks launched the industry’s first Tech Survey. The insight we have gained from over six years of research has helped us drive actions and spark innovation within our networks. 

Dania Lyons, Head of Partnerships & Customer Engagement

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Our trusted network of innovators and pioneers.

From leading publications and pioneering start-ups, to charitable organisations and industry associations, we are proud partners with some of the best.

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