Victoria Mikoda, VP of Product at MotorK. Her experience with Spinks on Site

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Victoria Mikoda, VP of Product at MotorK. Victoria’s experience with Spinks on Site

How it all started …

My journey to getting an offer at MotorK was not simple. When I first applied, I was told a candidate was at the final stages of the interviewing process and so, my application would be put on-hold.

I am a determined person so giving up was not my next thought. Putting my best foot forward, a month later, I applied for the role again on LinkedIn.

What happened next …

This time Toby Macfarlane from Spinks on Site reached out to me, we organised a screening call where I was given some great news - my application was being progressed and I was now officially going to begin the interviewing process.

The great news didn’t end there, I was now interviewing for the position of Vice President of Product and not the Head of Product vacancy I had originally applied for.

The interview process …

Once Toby took over, the process went quickly. From the first round of interviews, we reached an offer in just over a month.

Toby was very involved every step of the way, giving me information on what to expect. I find this very important for senior applicants especially in product. Our experience and knowledge is broad and complex, knowing which part of our skills will be tested gives us a heads-up and allows us to showcase our skills.

Some other thoughts …

I especially valued hints about communication style - that can make it or break it for the applicant. It’s not only the “what” is said that counts, but also the “how”. Using the wrong communication style and suddenly, you might find, it’s like speaking a foreign language.

Also, after every interview I was given feedback by Toby. I think this was very important for me because I was receiving interview invitations from other companies. Knowing that I was moving forward with MotorK and that it was looking promising for me, this made me un-interested in engaging with any new processes.

It also, always made me happy to see how Toby valued my process. He was always very keen to know the outcome of my interviews. Also, Toby coordinated the offer process smoothly which, was great.

And finally …

In the end, I had to choose between two offers. It’s safe to say Toby made sure that MotorK was the winner. We spent a lot of time interacting on the phone and WhatsApp like a team. I am happy I got to work with Toby on my way to joining MotorK.

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