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Moneybox's aim for their company culture

Company culture is one of our top priorities at Moneybox and is the reason why we have a team from across the business looking after it - our amazing Culture Committee!

The ideal culture for us is one of: inclusivity, transparency, and open-mindedness. We celebrate our differences and handle the unknown as an opportunity to learn and grow.

The whole Moneybox team treats the product as their own and is genuinely excited to get behind our mission and watch the company grow.

What do you look for in people joining Moneybox?

What we are looking for is people with honesty, empathy and humility.

Doing so, gives us our ALOT values which are a preference for: Action (doing 100% of 8 things rather than 80% of 10 things), Learning (we always learn and grow, and this is how we keep moving forward), Open-Mindedness (we pride ourselves in being diverse, and it is important that everyone's opinions are valued and taken into account equally), and Team (this one goes without saying, but being a team player is super important).

How would you describe the culture at your company right now?

The culture has always been very open and collaborative,with an emphasis on supporting and promoting creativity - definitely a place for entrepreneurial minds.

Would you do anything differently?

Not really, the culture is one of the most important reasons why people enjoy working at Moneybox, so I think we've hit the nail on the head with that one. Our retention rate of 98% really speaks volumes about the level of engagement and happiness of Moneybox employees!

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