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We are thrilled to announce that Spinks has officially completed the implementation of Bullhorn across the business. Bullhorn is the world’s leading cloud CRM dedicated to recruitment and has been adapted to meet the challenges of recruiting firms since its inception in 1999. The CRM unifies the teams, systems, and data that will drive us, as a business. The implementation marks a big milestone for the Harvey Nash Group, as Spinks became the first business to migrate to the Bullhorn recruitment system.

Moving to Bullhorn leaps our business even further into the age of automation, AI and big data, reflecting the work of the tech start ups and scale ups we partner with. It arms our teams with the digital tools that will make their work much more effective and satisfying, empowering us to offer the best service to our clients and partners.

Along with Bullhorn, we are also rolling out a wide range of partner products, from intelligent CV processing, to portals that allow us to transform how we work with our clients. It’s a very exciting time for Spinks, as we equip our people with the most advanced tech tools.

We are super excited to be partnering with Bullhorn and powering our teams with the world’s leading recruitment tool. This will enable us to provide the very best data insights, analysis and trends to our clients, as we embrace the very best in recruitment technology.

Robin Beattie, Managing Director at Spinks

Whilst moving to Bullhorn is a milestone for us, we’re proud to say it’s also a milestone for Bullhorn, as we are one of Bullhorn’s very first customers to extensively use its new intelligent automation product Herefish.

We are thrilled to see that Spinks has officially gone live with Bullhorn! Spinks have long been known for their innovative approach to the art of recruitment and their vision to leverage Bullhorn's market-leading solution and ecosystem highlights the team's digital-first focus. It takes great courage to replace the heart of your tech stack, especially in these interesting times. I am proud to be able to partner with an organisation like Spinks that is committed to supporting and enabling their recruiters with best-in-class technology to retain a human touch with their candidates and clients.

Steven McIntosh, Managing Director Enterprise Solutions at Bullhorn

There is definitely a buzz amongst our teams this week and we wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone involved in the Bullhorn project.

For more information about the implementation, contact Robin Beattie.

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