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Earlier this month we published a blog and a survey directed at Contingent Workers; to understand the sentiment based on their current view of the world, which like all of us, includes Covid, Brexit, and the additional headache of IR35 (again!).  

Now we want to turn the tables and ask you as employers, to share your thoughts.    

With the IR35 preparation earlier this year for what we thought would be an April 2020 launch, the last minute postponement, and now the “new normal” inflicted on all of us by the Covid-19 pandemic; how has your use of contractors been affected?  

  • Do you feel prepared for IR35 reform in the private sector?
  • Do you feel you have the right level of information and guidance from HMRC to make determinations with confidence?
  • Do you trust the CEST tool?
  • After the 2008 recession, demand for Contingent Workers increased. Are they a source of capacity and capability for you in the current situation?
  • Have you designed a value proposition to target the contingent workforce, or would you consider doing so?   

We are keen to understand how businesses feel about the changes; still expected to come into force in April 2021. However, with a new normal being created by the Covid-19 pandemic, has your view of IR35 changed?   

Here are a few considerations:

  • Can we all rely on CEST when making determinations? In August 2020, HMRC won an IR35 tribunal against a radio talk-show presenter. In this case, they were able to  evidence that Mutuality of Obligation existed between the two parties. This resulted in a tax bill of over £140,000. However, CEST does not account for Mutuality of Obligation as part of it’s determination process.  On this evidence, does CEST stand-up and can you trust it?
  • Do the new working practices, enforced on all of us through the global pandemic, change the landscape for IR35 within your organisation? For example, are contractor workers under supervision, direction and control if they are not onsite, not fully integrated into the team, and managed by project outcomes?   
  • Would it now be easier for you to accept substitutes for services?
  • Spare a thought about permanent recruitment; is the battle for top talent less so in the new world?

There is plenty to think about and I'm hoping you will help us by taking part in this pulse/sentiment survey.  

It’s short, sharp and to the point. It will only take 5 minutes! 

Coupled with our contractor survey, your response will provide tangible industry insights that will benefit all of us as we look ahead to the challenges in 2021.  

Share your thoughts here.

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