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Spinks' April in lockdown..... We’ve all adjusted substantially in our personal and professional lives. Trying to focus on the positives - We took some time to look at some of the good things that have happened in Spinks in the last 4 weeks… We went virtual with our meetups and events!

Our first Virtual hashtagYouEqualTech meetup with Founders Factory Our first Virtual Drupal Debate with Acro Media Inc Our first Virtual partner event - Thrive with Angel Academe We sponsored the incredible Openplaybook with Tech Talent Charter, pushing forward with our commitment to make the tech industry more diverse & inclusive.

We found 20 awesome people jobs with tech companies across the UK.

We went VIRTUAL with Spinks on site, helping our tech clients with an interim tech talent squad to scale their tech teams at pace without compromising on quality & further strengthening their employer brand in the tech industry.

We are working on making this list much much bigger and better for our June post! If you are interested in hearing more info on our meetups, the Open playbook or if you just want a chat about anything tech talent related - please reach out! hashtag

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