TechNation 2020 Report: Key Takeaways

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The TechNation 2020 report was recently published, covering trends and detail on emerging UK tech. It includes key statistics, investment trends, emerging tech, global innovation, emerging sectors and continental shifts and a wealth of key industry insights.

There are lots of key takeaways from the 2020 report, (too many to document!). However here are some things which stood out for me:

  • Tech investment in the UK is rocketing, taking over other tech hubs worldwide. “Technology investment in the UK soaring by 44 percent to over £10 billion- more than France and Germany combined.”- Boris Johnson
  • Start-ups are making worldwide stamps. “World’s first artificial intelligence blood test, pioneered by a British company, ClinspecDX.”- Boris Johnson
  • Scaleups are one of the most important parts of UK Tech with these not just being in London, but being situated in all nations and regions. “Nearly 82% of tech sector investment now being made into scale-ups.”- Eileen Burbidge, Chair, Tech Nation
  • “As the industry matures in the UK, we are seeing more focus on scale-ups- 81% of investment made into UK tech during 2019 went to scale-up firms.” - BNP Paribas Real Estate partner commentary
  • “45% of the UK’s high-value scaleups are based outside of London.”
  • Investment going into tech is growing every day, soaring global investment trends and causing the UK to catch up with the global consistent trends of China- with the UK becoming the “second position in the global tech investment rankings”. “£10.1bn was invested in UK tech in 2019, breaking the all-time record for tech investment in the UK.”

Overall, the TechNation report is a very insightful resource covering all the latest details and statistics you need to know about global tech! Working in the startup/scaleup market at Spinks, this report has helped me to expand my knowledge even further and highlighted that the tech industry is growing massively. I’m very excited to see this develop in the near future!

“Tech entrepreneurs and innovators are leading the way.”- BNP Paribas Real Estate partner commentary

Read the TechNation 2020 Report Here

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