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On 30th October 2019, I attended the Parenting in tech event hosted by YouEqualTech at Microsoft Reactor, London.

The theme of the event was Parenting in tech: Support, policy, balance and included networking and discussions. Our speakers are all parents working in tech who share their top tips, advice and personal stories on how to balance parenting and work.

It was inspiring to hear the speakers share very personal stories and show their vulnerable side for the audience to really understand and connect with their journeys.

Our speakers were:

  • Tatiana Al-Chueyr P.Martins, Senior Data Engineer at BBC
  • Laura Kennett, Head of People at Projects by IF
  • Meg Porter, Principal Product Designer at Skyscanner
  • Ellie Yell, Founder of Fledglink

By the end of the night I felt I had gained lots of new interesting insights and perspectives into parenting in tech even though I am not a parent myself! The event was suitable for everyone and wasn’t specifically targeted at parents themselves, and being new in the tech sector, I found this opened my eyes to different ways of working and gave me key take aways to how we can help, support and inspire.

Key takeaways:

Opinions and beliefs

  • Gendered family roles are outdated and it is not a one size fits all approach.
  • Regular check-ins between employers and parents are important to ensure what your employee said they wanted is what they actually need.
  • Mental health policies should be in place in a workplace to support a parent facing challenges.
  • Your workplace should be there to support your every need.

Supporting parents in the workplace

  • You should never be afraid to do what you need to do. Whether in work or out of work. Your work should support your every need. “Be who you are, and own who you are.”- Meg Porter
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Take help from your friends, family and workplace.

Challenges faced in pregnancy

  • There is no norm to meet when being pregnant. Everyone has a different and unique pregnancy so embrace it and stop comparing yourselves to others. “Everyone’s journeys to being a parent are very different.”- Laura Kennett
  • Pregnancy can emotionally and physically drain you, however there is so much help and support out there when working in tech. For example, working from home options, nap times on lunch and flexible working hours.
  • Everything happens for a reason. When times get hard, perseverance is key. “The hard phases have beginnings and ends.”- Tatiana Al-Chueyr P.Martins

My favourite quote of the evening:

“Put time into owning your story.”- Meg Porter


This event was organised by #YouEqualTech, powered by Spinks and hosted at Microsoft Reactor. 

To find out more, follow @youequaltech on twitter and #YouEqualTech to get involved in the conversation. 


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