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The road towards technology is not always the most direct path; people find all manner of ways to enter the technology industry. Some work in tech from the outset, straight from school. While others stumble into a position and find themselves in a technology role. One thing is for sure we should always be looking to encourage people to find a way into technology and a way to progress. But how is this done? There a plethora of ways that an organisation can encourage people on the outside to either begin a career or develop their existing career in tech.


The only way to ensure an employee can develop into a management position and have those skills is by making sure they know the teams work inside and out. In the technology industry cross-training is so crucial to encourage further development. Giving employees the technical know-how they require in order to successfully manage their own team will allow them to become the best manager they can be.

In addition to this cross training in more technological skills will allow for a team to be update with all skills that may become more relevant in the future. Cross-training therefore may ensure that organisation may be able to cut the cost of recruitment and ensure natural development for existing staff.


Technology organisations are always looking to improve their workforce, and although they are typically looking to find potential employees to have a background in relevant technological skills. It is important to consider looking at a variety of different areas when bringing in new employees.

With many potentially employers targeting on their recruitment search on specific areas, meaning they will miss out on a huge field of different areas, that offer a large amount of skilled workers who have some of the most relevant skills available in the technology industry.


The majority of technology organisations look to employee candidates with more traditional paths and skills, all though this has worked in the past there is a becoming a need to find potential employees who have less traditional skills then they will commonly look for. There are a plethora of reasons why this is relevant, specifically with the dynamic nature of the technology industry.

By focusing on the more traditional and well established skills and paths, organisations are potentially missing out on a huge amount of great candidates who have alternative skills that can be adapted and tailored to work most effectively with the company culture. Don’t let your organisation miss out on a future great employee because they have less traditional technological skill than other potential candidates.




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