Five years of women in Tech: Your five key points to action!


Five years of women in Tech: Your five key points to action! 


To celebrate five years of research into gender diversity in tech, we wanted to provide five key areas that you can focus on to work towards a positive change as an individual in tech.

Gender diversity general awareness and programmes for change are growing, and it's important that this conversation continues. However, it's actions that will bring about real change. There are so many ways you as an individual or a business can take part. Consider creating internal or external groups for everyone to share their gender diversity knowledge, experience and, most of all, ideas for growth and success.

People find all kinds of paths into technology, from traditional STEM paths to pursuing arts and language and cross-training. Why not help people outside of tech find more ways into technology and to progress? Encourage your organisation to expand cross-training and recruiting programmes to bring skilled people in from a variety of areas. Avoid focusing only on traditional paths and skills, and look for the outsiders who bring new experience and perspectives!

You may not be able to affect the overall curriculum in the UK, but things have started to change. While the curriculum has been revised to reflect the needs of employers, we still need to make sure we have engaged and passionate people teaching the subject. This isn't always the case in every school, so it's up to us to help. There are hundreds of communities and groups around the UK that you can join to volunteer in, such as going to schools to educate students and run fun sessions on what technology is really about, and what an awesome career people could have in it. Who wouldn't want to be part of an industry where we get to change people's lives and how they behave, making things faster, easier, innovative and life-altering?!

Become an ambassador for change and progression. Does your company currently have a mentoring scheme? Why not encourage it to create one? If it already does, get involved! There are also plenty of external schemes for you to be part of. Whether as a mentor or a mentee, when done right, mentoring is a proven way to a career with progression and success.

Despite media coverage and initiatives for change, there are still misconceptions out there. How do we demonstrate the real career in tech? The best promotion is you, the people working in it! Year after year our survey shows how happy and passionate people are to work in tech. However, we also hear many misled ideas of what a career in tech is. So let's show the world what it's really like.

This year we are using our #YouEqualTech campaign to raise further awareness and help people take action. Look out for weekly case studies, stories of careers in tech, diversity matters, advice on how you can help and much more. If you would like to get involved, please get in touch. 

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